Churches Together in Potters Bar

Many churches - one purpose

Who are we?

We are a fellowship of Christians of different denominations who join together to proclaim the Christian Gospel.

We organise joint events such as Town Carols, United Services of evening worship, a Christmas Day Lunch for people who would otherwise be alone, special services during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the Good Friday Procession of Witness. We aim to encourage unity within the Christian Church.

Download the programme for 2018/19.

Visit to the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Great Gaddesden

We were welcomed on a beautiful evening by ‘senior nun’ Ajahn Sundara and another religious member. The community consists of 20 monks and 15 nuns plus about 15 lay members. Many visitors come to stay for varying lengths of time. The site was originally a military base then a school, then occupied by the present community in 1983 – a Buddhist community in the ‘Forest’ or Thai tradition. They hope gradually to replace the huts with more permanent and eco-friendly buildings, but the temple and cloisters at the centre of the site are magnificent. We were shown the ‘Stupa’, a large object of meditation, sometimes housing the relics of respected religious at the centre of a large and peaceful field with trees, and on the periphery huts where people stay for periods of retreat. We entered the worship area of the temple and saw the statues of the Buddha and other renowned Buddhist teachers, also the chapel of rest for the deceased before burial or cremation.

Ajahn then talked to us about her story and some key aspects of the Buddhist faith and answered our many questions. We were offered literature (free). Clearly the community prospers on the generosity of its supporters, and the permanent community relies on gifts of food and essentials for daily living in the true Buddhist fashion.

We were introduced to the concepts of liberating the mind from the three roots of all suffering: desire, anger and delusion on the path to understanding the truths of existence. The Buddhist wheel represents the Noble Eightfold Path or Middle Way between self-indulgence and self-torment: perfect understanding, intention, speech, behaviour, work, effort, awareness and concentration. We also heard about the 3 types of scriptures and the 3 basis streams or traditions in Buddhism: Tibetan, Thai and Japanese/Chinese. There would be much more to learn but visitors and enquirers are always welcomed!

Richard Leslie, May 2018

Act 4 accommodation - can you help?

We are looking for a flat/room to rent for our volunteers ideally in the Oakmere area but would welcome other Potters Bar locations.

Do you have a flat/room in house that would be prepared to rent to Act 4 for our volunteers to live in?

If so we'd really like to hear from you. To discuss in more detail please contact Nikki or Sam on 01707 665551 or office@act4.org.uk.

Prayer meetings 2018

First Saturday of the month at 8am followed by refreshments

6 January - King Charles the Martyr Church

3 February - Our Lady and St Vincent Roman Catholic Church

3 March - Potters Bar Baptist Church

7 April - United Reformed Church

5 May - Christ Church Little Heath

2 June - Evangelical Free Church

7 July - Our Lady and St Vincent Roman Catholic Church

4 August - St Mary the Virgin and All Saints Church

1 September - Potters Bar Baptist Church

6 October - King Charles the Martyr Church

3 November - St John's Methodist Church

1 December - Christ Church Little Heath

5 January 2019 - King Charles the Martyr Church

United Services 2018

6:30pm 2 December - Advent Procession at St Mary the Virgin and All Saints Church